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Anamnesis Anamnesis

Rated 0 / 5 stars

Yeesh, what a circlejerk.

So much drama over NG in this one flash. Were you ever right when you stated this was overrated.

indigoApe responds:

Yea lol, this piece didn't really deserve more than a 2.90 ... Well, thats what happens when everyone's fav characters get involved... >_>

Thanks for the honest and truly underrated vote ; )

Protectors of Tomorrow Protectors of Tomorrow

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Forgettable, another Superhero Parody.

More illustrated radio. The illustrations weren't that funny when they were obviously trying to be, the writing was embarrassingly awful, the voices weren't the least bit unique; with weak knowledge of these tools in the first place, you can't even separate this parody from many others.

I feel like I am watching a slideshow with occasional black holes moving on the people's faces. You couldn't feel any real energy, and you can't really care about the characters because they don't do anything to specify themselves and to stand out from the basic character types, in this case the anti-hero.

Nothing personal towards the flash makers, many, many people on Newgrounds simply make movies like these without any thought, albeit some put less effort than others.

What I suggest to you, FronkNDego, is to find ways to make people laugh without using words. I don't mean make characters move as if they were playing charades, but by mere body language and expression alone, convey what this will be about and hiding the story telling tools by covering it with fun stuff.

Good luck working on your next installment of this series.

KFK's Adventures #12 KFK's Adventures #12

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Wow, this was a really, REALLY boring movie.

It's a slideshow with audio, not a flash movie. Next time, try animating some people and what not.


Rated 1 / 5 stars

A mess if I ever saw one.

The construction and backgrounds were sloppy, the plot was an excuse to impatiently chuck in a bunch of violent images and sequences, the choice of color was extremely poor, and it wasn't funny OR interesting.

This flash movie is a classic example of "style" over substance.

Waffle X: Episode Two Waffle X: Episode Two

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Boring, slow, and a DBZ imitator.

The voice acting is terrible. It's monotone. Try to stretch the limits of your voices guys.

The animation was slow because it was evenly keyed. Things that should've happened very quickly took almost twice the frames it needed.

Typical violence, nothing really felt like it had a strong impact.

Overall, another forgettable flash. Animation was okay on some parts.

Humor was dead last to none. I could understand if this was purely action oriented, but with a waffle as a main character, and the generic hair joke, somebody was trying to going for a laugh.

Not Another Sprite Fight Not Another Sprite Fight

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Yup, really is one of the best sprite movies.

I have to admit, I was pretty impressed by this. Certainly is a cut above most sprite flashes. Especially those two complex camera angles you put in there. Sound was clear. Graphics were crisp and fluid. Well done overall.

College University pt 11 College University pt 11

Rated 1 / 5 stars

I can't believe I watched the whole thing. Ugh.

Did you guys really enjoy doing this? Did you think it was funny at all? Really.

Graphics and Style- A three, plain and simple. This series has a look so close to Family Guy it's not even funny. Same goes for the jokes. You had two jokes that went on for way too long, just like Family Guy. A lot of stuttering too. Nothing actually animated. You even said so yourselves in the credits. Credits for "moving things around". These aren't really people, but things. That's not appealing.

Sound- I don't rate sound on how clear it is, I vote on how good the voice acting is. The most dull, dead, lifeless voice acting I've heard in a long time.

Interactivity- Three buttons. Mentally, I didn't feel like I was part of it. So interactivity is low.

Humor- Since the series is obviously Family Guy inspired, humor is a one.

Overall- I would go nuts if I had to draw and animate boring stuff like this. How long did this flash take you guys? Quite a while I'm sure.

Eyewitness Eyewitness

Rated 3 / 5 stars

What took so long?

As I was watching this movie, I just did not feel interested in the story. Slow fade ins and fade outs, and the slow walking. A lot of the movie felt like filler. It might be a way to build up suspense, but it's sort of the cheap, slow way to build this kind of suspense. So, not bad for your first dramatic flash, nice backgrounds, it just was too slow.

AAF "Glow" Collab AAF "Glow" Collab

Rated 3 / 5 stars

I see an honest effort here.

To the team that made this movie,

I think the biggest flaw of this movie is the timing though. Timing characters actions to the beat of the music is CRUCIAL, it makes the words and the actions stronger. And the vocals, I wish the mouths were more interesting. The lip-synch was okay, but with vocals that go UP and DOWN like that, you should really take advantage of that and make the peoples' mouths move wildly. Some parts looked a little mushy too, not really solid. But I saw an effort, nevertheless. It was okay.

itsjms responds:

Hmm.. thanks for the suggestions.

Perfect Kirby 3.1 Perfect Kirby 3.1

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Yikes, this movie is bad. Here's why...

Graphics- There's gradients EVERYWHERE! There's no strong outlines on anyone, and at times the characters almost blend in with the background. Pay attention to your light sources! You shouldn't even use gradients, they're nowhere near as realistic as the subtle nuances and shadows and lighting you see in real life. It's like this cartoon is trying to imitate real life, which in contrast will look really, REALLY bad!

Style- Next, your style. I'm sure you two guys came up with the gradient-heavy style at first, so technically, it's "distinctive", but not in a good way. I just don't believe you guys are using this very nifty program to it's full potential, and you don't even have to use all of its bells and whistles to do that.

Sound- I'm not going to focus as much on the sound as I am going to zoom in on the voice-acting. Terrible, simply terrible. I could do any of these voices EASILY. Along with a thousand other people.

Interactivity- A one from me, because I didn't really feel immersed in the movie, not at the edge of my seat. You don't need an action scene to get somebody to do that, just make it interesting. So a one for that.

And lastly, HUMOR- The humor could have saved the movie, but because of all the criticisms I listed above, the reasons are hopefully obvious that the score for this category is a flat zero.

Overall- Uninspired, uninspiring, rigid, flat, boring flash movie. Can nothing be done? Well, first off, get two or three more people to help animate. The next flash you plan will be finished faster. Let those people show off their distinctive styles within the style, if any. You know, a loose feel without spiraling into an anarchy. For sound, really let loose. Put more enthusiasm into those voices, so I can feel somewhat interested. And lastly, I highly reccomend that your next flash have only two characters in it. That way you can focus more on character acting rather than worrying about everyone doing something interesting, it'll take quite the load off you two's shoulders. I know this was VERY LENGTHY, and had more criticism than you're used to dealing with, but I mean it when I say "GOOD LUCK" on your next flash. And have fun with it!